The first solution that increases your sales by analyzing in real time your customer’s behavior.



Get real-time information about your customers’ journey. Exploit your data and transform it into potential usage. Understand their buying habits and analyze your in-store traffic:

  • Number of visitors,
  • Time spent,
  • Average returning visitor rate…

The first intelligent and predictive physical retargeting solution

A contextualized customer journey

Interact with your users in a non-intrusive context and offer exclusive services according to their desires.


The first disruptive and non-intrusive solution which allows you to send good deals to customers located near your stores.



Create communication campaigns adapted to your customers’ journey and their choices.

Increase your ROI and your customers’ engagement rate.

Engage your customers according to their interests.

A non-intrusive technology.
Respects privacy.

Does not require to install an
application on smartphones.

Easy to set up,
you just need a plug!

Patented technology

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